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At The Vise

      We'll begin this page with a little story on my new Peak Rotary vise.The picture below was right out of the box when I received it.

        I decided it was time for a new vise and started the hunt at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show. As I was looking around at the vises everyone was tying on it became apparent to me that they all were using the same vise for the most part.I was looking for something a little different and I finally found it on Al Ritts tying desk. He was tying on his beautifully engraved Peak vise.
      So I ordered one from Al , it arrived about a month ago and I have been tying since then. Only one word describes this vise fantastic! It handles anything I tye on it with ease , the hook stays put and the rotary function is as smooth as silk.It's also very comfortable to tye on with the large brass barrel to rest your hand on while placing materials.
     Now for the engraving on it Al sent me to the man that engraved his vise. His name is Jeff Graham and he resides in Colorado . I gave him a call and talk to him about doing mine and he was up for it . He told me he would get back to me in a few days with some designs drawn from pictures I had posted online.

    A few days go by and I get a message from Jeff that he had completed some drawings for me to take a look at. The drawings were sweet! There in front of me were two drawings one of a classic salmon fly The Evening Star which is to go on the riser of the vise and one of my initials to go on the top of the vise.Needless to say it wasn't long before they were transfered onto the pieces and the engraving done .He sent me a few pictures of the completed work a few days ago and they are beautiful !
Thank you Jeff for the fantastic artwork! Can't wait to see my completed Peak Vise setting on the tying bench  with a freshly tied fly in it ! Thank in advance to Al Ritt who put it all together you be the man!