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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finishing Touches

   As I write this I am putting the finishing touches on my first presentation of the year Fly Fishing The Brodhead Creek.I ventured out today to take a walk and get some pictures to add to the presentation . As you can never have enough a good photograph speaks volumes.

  My first stop is a story in and of it's self the original home of the Henryville Fly Fishers Club .Now know as the Henryville Conservation Club which is one of the oldest fly fishing clubs still in existence in America today. Many of fly fishings greats have strolled the banks to enjoy the fantastic hatches and fishing this club water provides. Some of them to include Ernie Schwiebert , James Lisenring and Eric Leiser among some of the best known fly fisherman and fly tyers of the day.

        I took a few shots of some of the most mouth watering water that I could access with out trespassing. This group really works hard to maintain their water and create habitat for its many inhabitants.It has great characteristics lots of runs , riffles , pools , pocket water and bends. Just great classic water for sure ! Ask how I know? I am fortunate to have some great friends who belong to the club and take me as a guest each year to fish it . After which usually follows a great cigar four fingers of fine single malt and dinner. Couple that with some great fishing stories from all over the world and you've got yourself one superb day.

      Needless to say it was a beautiful day out of doors today ! It was good to get out and take in some fresh air and hear the water run by . It got the fond memories rolling in my head and the juices flowing to tye on a dry fly after a long winter of nymphing. I am now poised and waiting for the first hatches of the year to occur, with the same excitement of my youth.

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  1. Wow Al! Great description of a perfect "man" day! I am jealous!