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Friday, March 4, 2011

Small Stream Fishing WTS At Their Best !

      So you want to have some fun ? Break out your short rod and do some small stream fishing for wild trout..

     Last spring I got a call from my friend John Parise to go fishing.He said he was looking do something a little different and asked if I would take him to one of my favorite small streams.                                          
     Me being me said yes,at which point I told him that he would have to be blindfolded for the ride to this little gem.And if he told anyone about it he would have to be shot.
     After a brief moment of silence he agreed to the rules and said he would meet me in a hour or so.
     While I was waiting for him I got all the necessary gear together for our trip. Consisting of a 6'6" 5wt fly rod and a bunch of flys and tippet as you tend to get hung up a lot on these brush and tree choked streams.When John arrived we loaded up and headed out with an air of excitement . It couldn't have been a more beautiful day to be out,early spring on a sun bathed wild trout stream. What more could you want it was perfect..
     On the way to our destination we stopped and picked up some usual supplies coffee , candy and a few bottles of water.You need this to keep you going when fishing these types of streams because there is generally a bit of hiking involved.The stream we fished is tucked away in a state park and requires a 15 to 20 minute walk to where we were going to begin our day.
    As we were walking in I described to John how we would approach this stream and fish it. There is some stealth involved in this type of fishing ,due to the spooky nature of wild trout.So explained to him we will be keeping a low profile and do all our fishing upstream to maximize our efforts.

        Above you can see John in position and fishing upstream. You can break the water down into three categories much like their big stream counterparts. Pockets , pools and riffles and despite the size of the water you still fish them same as you would on a large stream.Here John is fishing the riffle even though is about 6 inches deep here it still holds fish .In this riffle he picked up a nice little brown trout which he was ecstatic about as we had just began.He couldn't get over the fact that these fish would hold in water this thin,,

         John had a blast the fishing was great!As we continued on every stop we made was much the same beautiful water and willing wild brown and brook trout pouncing on our offerings.We fished dries and nymphs as well as dry dropper combinations and all produced. 

       Needless to say John will be back, he couldn't believe how much fun this type of fishing could be ! He talked about it nonstop on our trip home. I couldn't think of a better way to begin the season then this.So next time you are looking for something new to try out make it a small stream adventure for some wild trout.You'll love it!


  1. Great write up! Pics are awesome as well.

  2. Thank you George ! This is a great little mountain stream that harbors both brooks and browns , not to common around here anymore ..