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Monday, April 11, 2011

Easy Stone Fly/ Caddis Dry


      Here is a step by step to one of the easiest and most productive flies I have ever tied . The CDC easy Stone Fly and Caddis imitation all in one. It consist of a nice tapered body of the appropriate color dubbing you need to match the hatch, natural cdc for the wing and dark or rusty dun dry fly hackle for the collar .

     You start by placing the hook in the vise and starting your thread where you want the body to end, This way you won't crowd the head when you complete the fly.

      Now you are ready to dub the body in this case I used dark olive as it matches or mimics the naturals found on my stream.

       Build up a nice tapered body so it appears carrot shaped.

       Now you are ready to set the wing , choose to nice natural color medium to dark gray cdc feathers and match the ends up.

       Now measure the wing up to the hook you want the wing to extend slightly beyond the bend of the hook . If its a little long you can adjust it once you have a couple of good wraps on it to hold it in place.

        Now a couple more good wraps to secure the wing and trim off the waste ends, then a few more wraps to create a platform for your hackle.

       Now it's time to select your dry fly hackle ,usually I will use a hackle that just covers the hook gap for any given size hook I tye this fly on.In this case the hook is a size 16 so a size 14 or a true 16 hackle would be fine.

       Tye the hackle in and put three or four turns of it on starting at the back of the head space and working forward . Leaving enough space to tye off the hackle and finish the head.

          Tye off the hackle, trim the waste give it a few turns to build up the head and whip finish.And you have yourself a super productive fly to fish for either a caddis or stone fly hatch..

      If the fish get picky I will trim the bottom out of the hackle to allow the body to ride flush in the film leaving the wing setting on top.This usually does the trick and induces a take.
      The beauty of cdc is you can pull it under and let it pop back to the surface like an emerger,or you can pull it under and the fish will take it as a drown or emerging insect.

     I like to tye these in sizes 14 down to 18 on a standard dry fly hook , you can change the color of the dubbing as well. The colors I like to use are olive,dark olive , black, cinnamon  and yellow olive . Tye some up and give them a go you'll be glad you did as these flies just flat out fish!

Material List;

Hook size 14-18 standard dry fly hook
Thread 8/0 black uni thread
Body Super Fine dry fly dubbing olive / dark olive
Wing two natural medium to dark gray cdc feathers
Collar dark dun or rusty dun dry fly hackle 3-4 turns


  1. A great looking pattern, two for the price of one.


  2. Excellent tutorial!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you Brk Trt and George ! This pattern is very productive in the early season as well as later in the season when the caddis start to appear. I'm glad you like it and hope you tye some and give them a try..