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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Patiently Waiting....


      It is early season yet here in the Northeast and I am patiently waiting for the water to recede and warm up just a bit.While trout season has already began the fish are not actively feeding on top just yet due to the high water.So in the interim I've been scouting out some new spots and tying flies. 

     While out on my walks I am looking for pools, runs and riffles that may hold fish. I liken it much the same a scouting before a hunt you look for areas where your quarry inhabits, roams and feeds. This way when you set up your stand you have a relatively good shot at bagging a deer,bear,turkey or what ever you may be hunting.While doing my recon I make mental notes of these spots to come back to . It's best to do this type of work with out a rod in hand so you get to see as much of the stream as possible.

     I fish a lot and when I say that I mean every fishable day of the year. That's the reason I'm always looking for different water to fish.When you are seen fishing the same spot day after day other fisherman become attracted to it, so it's best to have several spots that way you are covered when this happens.

    Once the water calms down a bit it's time to go back rod in hand. If I don't see any surface activity or hatches I'll start by searching with a streamer . My go to flies for this are the mickey fin or a olive woolly bugger in my opinion the two deadliest streamers of all time. If there are fish present they will usually let you know with a vicious strike.If I intend to fish this area with a dry fly I won't pressure it, so when I get a few hits or catch one I move onto the next the next spot and so on.

   By doing this research I have found many new spots to fish and most of the time all by myself with rarely another fisherman in sight.I approach most streams with the thought if there are fish in one popular spot there have to be fish all through out the stream.. So why not challenge yourself to find these spots take a walk observe and do your home work and it will all pay off ! Sometimes with the fish of a life time is in a place no one  ever thought to wet a line.....

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