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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Lure Of Wild Trout


          I haven't been able to fish a lot lately but when I do get the chance I like to fish over wild trout. There is something to be said about the beauty of these creatures . From the bold red spots to the beautiful buttery yellow  color and lest we forget those full rudders.

      Being at the point in life where one fish is enough I went out in true fashion. One fly and only a few moments to fish I headed out.The water was a little high and slightly off color due to the recent storms.As I got close to the water I began to look about and take in all the splendor of spring.The smell of fresh blossoms in the air and the newly opened leaves giving their promise of the summer to come. 

      I settled into a likely looking spot below a riffle and stripped some line from the reel.Picked up the fly to see that it was attached securely and made my first cast . Close to the end of the swing I felt that familiar tug and was a bit late on the set, swing and a miss .... I continued with a few more cast in this spot with no more takes.


       Headed down stream a few paces to the next hole and put a well placed cast into the foam just where the water dumped in at the head of the pool. There was no tug just a complete stop in the line.. As the line came tight it became apparent there was a fish at the end.After a few good runs the heart pounding battle came to an end as this beautiful brown trout slipped into the net.A full 12" of mother natures beauty adorned with the largest bright red spots I'd have ever seen. 

   I don't know about you but it's moments like these how ever brief that keep me coming back again and again . If it's one fish or ten it's a good day in the old book. The hunt for wild trout continues....


  1. A very nice laid out blog, with some excellent photo's.

    I'm following now.


  2. Beautiful brown trout, I have never seen the blue haloes circling the red spots quite so blue before! Nice blog.